Its amazing how in every interview irrespective of the role, the topic about Present Education System in India Pro’s and Con’s always crops up. So, I thought I might as well write on the topic here on my blog, coz well! what’s the harm?!


They say knowledge is power. Ever since civilization happened to mankind, this  term ‘knowledge’ has evolved with time and is now a overshadowed by what today’s world would call it, education. Though the difference between the two concept is very subtle, one also could find a stark contrast between them. Before we proceed any further, it would help to know what each term meant in itself. While education is a systematic, periodic, recognised and a documented form of learning, knowledge on the other  hand is acquired through experience, situations, surroundings and most importantly the man’s own judgment.

Back home in India, there has been such a revolution in the area of education since or before Independence itself. The idea of classroom learning certainly has reached every Indian home, class and society , needless to say that its still gaining strength. Education system here has always been tough and the yoke would not get any lighter. Infact it’s a matter of pride to possess degrees of the toughest standards prevailing in the educational market. But the problem isn’t the system of education, but the failure to attain the goal for which the education stands, or was conceived rather. Our educational has, to a large extent failed to reward its students back with desired, dream or decent employments in return for their years of strain and sacrifices. Potential world-changers and their education are being corroded by lack of opportunities and finance. Very few of the brilliant would make it to their notioned dream job, a few more lucky with money will earn a job and a green card somewhere in the West, but many would actually have compromised for a living far less than their degrees deserve.

There is nothing wrong with stringent syllabus and strictest curriculams, obviously there was some wiseman who worked towards reforming and revising the system with best interests in mind. The wise man did well but we also need more of such wisemen who can gauge the problem in this system and translate the academical years and degrees into a worthy life and nation. Such a progress would not just make a difference to a single family or group, but also to the nation. It could be infered that this eventually is the government’s business, to collaborate with entities and countries to bring in more employment.  But it wouldn’t be exactly accurate to conclude so.

India is the largest democracy in the world and we revel in the freedom the word ‘democracy’ stands for. Seldom do we realize that there is another side to the coin, that of responsibility. Seldom do we become that change, that answer. Ofcourse, these are matters spoken of more easily than solved. Nevertheless, the solution to the scene would be no other way, but to shed the inhibitions, fear and the glimmer of the degrees, apply a more valuable and reliable resource called knowledge that we gained during our growth and educational years ultimately bringing justice to both the cause and effect of education system.

concluding Project April

We have come to the end of the month and I am glad am concluding my exploit with Project April. Altogether it was a joy, but I have come to a conclusion that photo-everyday isn’t my cup-of-tea. I am better off clicking pictures at my own leisure and laziness, and follow my heart rather than time.

Have a great summer, guys!