A gifting impression

I remember this commercial ad I had seen very long ago. It was about a man who gifts something to his friend on the day of his wedding. After a few years, this man plans to visit his now married friend. As he nears his friend’s locality, everybody right from the neighbors, the milk-man, the vegetable seller and even his friend’s kith and kin greet him as the ‘man who gifted the worst gift’.Funny? Not funny? I don’t know. When I saw that ad, I felt that it was mean. But, I saw that I received only two-three meaningful gifts (including the perfume in the pictures) on my wedding, I understood what the message the commercial wanted to convey, that, you could get written off even by your gifts. C’mon guys! It’s a wedding!!! Its the most cherished moment of one’s life! I know I am sounding very mean here but, what how would you feel if you received used item as a wedding gift?? Aren’t gifts given away because it to remind the recipient of you?  To make them happy? Then, why gift something terrible, and ruin it all? So, the bad learner in me has learnt a good lesson, that, no matter how huge or expensive gift is, it isn’t impressive when not thoughtful.

Tell me what you think!

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