Deep blue again…

I love the beaches….Yes, I am completely a beach person

The first time I remember going to a beach was when I was six, in Mumbai. Mumbai beaches have a euphoria of their own. You won’t find the chaat and the vada paav that they make anywhere else in the world. And then of-course, you can fool around with your friends, act like the most ridiculous person there, but still go around like nothing just happened. Such is the liberty there…

But of course, those are good old days, and now anytime we plan out an outing, my first choice is the beach. Naturally, even my honey-moon destination happened to be the beaches 🙂

Then it was today, again that my visit to the beaches happened. It was to the Kanyakumari beach. The saddest part was that we planned to see the famous sunset there, but the rains had to ruin our plans.. But since my love for the beaches was stronger, the gladness of the time spent at the beach seemed to prevail over the failure to catch the sunset glimpse.


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