Beware of Borrowers


Have you ever lent money to a friend or a relative?

No, am not talking about the bill at the restaurant or the auto fare on the way to the office.  Am talking about the figures which has atleast 4 or 5 zeroes behind a double digit number…. Have you? Then can I ask you, how did you ever get your money back??!!!

I mean, they come which such innocent fate-stricken faces, and then weep a bucket  full of tears,  emotionally black-mail you, and swear by heaven to return in no time, till you realise that you’ve lost a good  friend and of-course your money

And worse, when you feel embarrassed to ask your own money back. Time passes and the debt given erodes away from your memory, and by the time the chap repays (if at all), the damage is already done…

Its been over an anniversary, and the poor guy is still struggling to repay me (after much pleading) the money he promised to repay in three months…And well, about the picture? Its my uncle’s ancestral house transferred to my mum…Brother of my mother lost the lent money in business and is annoyed at the seizure of property.

Should there be law against  the borrower or the lender?


Tell me what you think!

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