The 2 minutes of my life

Maria's Photo blogI was doing nothing, and literally I landed to this website…Called, Do nothing for 2 minutes.. I failed to do nothing for 2minutes (See picture above, if you don’t believe me…And if you can’t see the picture, do not panic. Its just LOADING, for God’s sake!!)

but hey, do you have 2 minutes of your life?

Could you solve this riddle-in-a-long-poem for me??

Here it goes….

Yet another hard-day at the office.

I just wanna cup of coffee,

Why I put up with this sick boss

I just wanna be in Las Vegas.

I wanna be famous, better know that, world!

Spread my name to continents hot and cold.

I wanna tell them that I am greater and no other.

Come, See me, I wanna be your constant wonder…

It’s a Ferrari, and my Gucci,

Oh, I was also at the Walt Disney!

Am not the best, look at me…

 Come look at me, me , me!!!

Oh, no! I’ve been dreaming all night, I sighed…

Wished I could be famous overnight…

But wait, there is still a way to brag and boast….

Find the answer at the end of this post!
















.And the answer is:



Disclaimer: All materials, content and forms contained on this post are purely for ‘how-to-waste-ones-time’ purposes only. Any resemblance to the characters of this post are purely coincidental or simply put ‘what-the-hell-they’re-mine-mine-and-mine!!’  and may be copied, reproduced, distributed or displayed at your own risk of life and property.

All the stupid has been said and done, there is nothing I can add. Please read this post if you have don’t wanna do anything for 2 minutes..


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