A new found hobby

Its more than a month now, and I must say it took a while for me to like my new place. Apart from good neighbors, and a green tranquil locality, prime reason why this home will be cherished is for the fact its a habitat for numerous birds that relentlessly chirp until dusk. And it suddenly struck me that bird photography has become my new found hobby 🙂

One of the downside of hailing from a city is that you hardly know many birds.. Sparrows (thought there’s a major decline of visibility), crows (well, not very photogenic), cranes, pigeons and doves,.. are among a few familiar ones.. If you want more than these, you can pay a visit to the bird sanctuary.

I was elated to have good view of a Brahminy Starling for the very first time . The birdie also was kind enough to give me ample time for an instant photo-shoot..  I wouldn’t have known the name of the bird had it not been for this Facebook page, Birds in my Backyard. ;)


2 thoughts on “A new found hobby

  1. Thanks Maria for this beautiful post and pictures. So glad we could help you with this name, and as you venture further in your new hobby, do keep posting and checking with us if you need to know more.

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