KodaiKanal- part3

One can have loads of fun in KodaiKanal; its just not a hill-station, but a total indulgence than mere sight-seeing/ enjoying the weather.

If you must see KodaiKanal, ensure you have atleast two-an-a-half or three days to spare. I regret the fact that I took just one-and-a-half days off to pay my first ever visit to the Kodai 😦

The first place we hit, was the Bicycle zone. Its a must for everyone, both young and old. Bicycles can be rented by the many providers making their living there…Its a fun-filled, serene 6km ride around the gorgeous Kodai Lake. I suggest that you avoid this place in the evenings, as it gets rather crowded with vehicles zooming against your way.

Apart from cycling, shooting and horse-riding are other games that I tried like many others there 🙂


2 thoughts on “KodaiKanal- part3

  1. We rode the bikes around the lake here. My sons adored shooting the little ballooons 🙂 what a lovely blog you have!

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