Live beautiful

Have you ever hit the shopping mall for something really nice to wear, only to be disappointed that you don’t find anything that would make you look perfect for the occasion?

The dress won’t just be the one,.. Either its the color, the material, the neckline, the sleeve..Some silly wrong has to crop up!

But then, you find the rejected item, on somebody with not-so-flattery figure, or complexion… And my God! You end up wondering why you won’t look good either in the same?

I have now come to realise that its what I wear that counts, but how I wear!

Welcoming each day with smile and beauty,

With nothing but confidence I look at me

Critics can’t tell me what, when to wear,

I am too good and I love to dare…

The picture today is of an old dress I had abandoned labelling it as ‘won’t look good on me’.. I am sure now, that I would look perfect and beautiful just the way I am..

The picture today is little worked upon with little editing and little jazz ’cause you really don’t need the jazz for something to convey 🙂



Tell me what you think!

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