Baby soft: vaseline petroleum jelly

Hyderabad was always known to have the best weather, but surprisingly this year I found it to be a real pain in the neck. Be it rain or shine, every season was at its harshest. And should I even mention how the winter is like this year?

And soon there was a spell of chapped lips, dry hands and flaky skin, which broke impartially both on women and men alike in the household! It was one hilarious sight to see the men at home borrow winter care lotions and lip-balms from the female members of the family. 😀

So much so was the demand and supply, that everybody had exhausted the stock in hand, and started trying products never used or tried.

I was totally sceptical in trying the new Vaseline protective jelly baby because of my complete dislike for its original version. But, I must say that the baby flavor is something I am in love with now! 😀


Tell me what you think!

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