English, from an Indian

“And no speaking in regional language’, announced the trainer of the multi-national company I worked in, as he wrapped the session for the day. It had me thinking (I am best at that), why are we not allowed to talk our own language in our own country? Not that I hate the language. Infact, I love it. I am a proud Indian, but prefer conversing in English. Even outside the office hours, with friends, and especially the paani-puri wallahs. With an accent, even better. I read English, I write English. I study (though not burning the midnight lamp) English. I devour each new syllable and resolve to incorporate it in my language. I admire the person who speaks English beyond my (and anybody present at the conference room) understanding, and take pride in moments when my listener doesn’t understand me either. The more unheard, unused and irrational the English, the more eloquent and posh you are. Its a common phenomenon, you know. At least the paani-puri wallah would know.


Tell me what you think!

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