Day 16/30

This happens only outside TamilNadu. One naively orders for idli and I gets the ever-crumbly rava idli instead 😡 . This happens to me all the time in Hyderabad.

So where does an idli-loving-Tamilian in Hyderabad go?

To the Brand factory at Kukatpally! Its a small hangout, called Veg Plaza. Man, they can even make ulundu vadai (in fresh coconut oil, alright!) and authentic sambaar (well, close enough atleast!) And I was ecstatic to see the famous Chettinad Biryani there as well!!

The small lunchroom gets a 4/5. This from a Tamilian from Hyderabad 🙂

PS: I would like to blame the surreptitious stares of the onlookers for the bad photographs O_o



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